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• 100% hand stitched
• Italy leather
• Dimensions (click photo image or the below details)

- Hexagon 6x5 cm
- Circle 4.5x4.5 cm
- Rectangle (portrait) 4x7 cm
- Rectangle (landscape) 9x2 cm


You are able to decide ∆

1 ∆ Which is the shapes will you choose?

2 ∆ Color of leather (click photo image)

3 ∆ Stamp letters, Alphabet ONLY (click photo image for your reference)

4 ∆ key rings style or cotton rope


** Please send us an email (

    or go to "cart page --> Add a note" write down your request before check out.

    ∆ Custom Made ∆ Leather Tag 4 different shapes size

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