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• Small scratches can be removed by rubbing them gently with your finger.

The natural oils on your hands will work nicely into the leather.

• For larger scratches and marks apply a tiny amount of oil to the mark. Let it soak in for a few minutes.

The excess should be wiped away with a clean soft cloth. At first you should always test

any cream or oil on a small area of the bag before placing a bigger amount.

• The new bag will give special leather odour which is very common and natural to leather goods.

If the smell is a little overwhelming, better to add a small nice sachet to the leather bag

filled for example with lavender petals etc. Keep it for a few days,

that should be helpful to reduce the odour.

• Small drop of baby oil, olive oil or even an essential oil might assist to lessen the smell as well.

Take a clean soft cloth and wipe evenly over the bag.

• For earrings, When the silver stud earrings turn black, squeeze out a little bit of toothpaste on cotton swabs,

rub the toothpaste all over the sliver stud then rinse in warm water,

gently pat the silver stud dry with a soft cloth.

Handmade leather product care
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