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SONNIEWING DESIGN LAB as founded in Dec 2013 by SonnieWing Yeung.

She graduated from First Institute of Art and Design in Hong Kong,

she have experience for the graphic design and visual merchandiser

and worked in different design studio and fashion brands

before setting up her own label.


Each product have provided a unique color and very limited quantities.

I get the inspiration from the basic design elements - point, line, plane.

And based on these three elements to developed

the different geometric - triangle, rhombus, trapezoid, hexagon, etc.

Then use a different kind of geometric patterns

to create handmade leather and candle,

and develop more design products.


Achieve my dreams – Make Your Life Colourful, Fun and Interesting.

I will choose the colorful leather to made a different

leather bags & accessories to create our personal style.

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