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100% design and handmade by myself.


- 100% hand stitched
- 4 layers vegetable tanned leather
- No-stitch
- Size 2.5cm x 6cm


* If you still using old iphone, such as SE (1st generation) with flat edges, you don't need use any phone case also support to stand. Please see the picture below.


* if the phone you used have rounded or curved edges which is easy to slip, you need put a phone case before. Please see the picture below.


- Stamp letters
* Alphabet ONLY, max 10 letter words (included spacebar)
eg.1: EMILY CHAN <-- included spacebar total 10 letter words <-- OKAY
eg.2: ASHLEY CHAN <-- included spacebar total 11 letter words <-- NOT OKAY
- Stamp letters on which side? A-SIDE? B-SIDE? or BOTH SIDE.


∆ Video ∆


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** Please send us an email ( or go to "cart page --> Add a note" write down your "Stamp letters" before check out.

∆ Custom Made ∆ Black Leather Key Chain Phone Stand

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